98% of your dealership website visitors don’t buy cars. We can help fix that.

December 29, 2023 - 10:23 am

It's time to greet the anonymous 95% of visitors on our car dealership website.

If you dig deep into website visitor data, you’ll find that most websites convert about 2-3 percent of all visitors to leads. That’s pretty small and a little depressing. Then you realize that nearly all of those visitors leave without sharing contact information! That’s where high-performance live chat from CarChat24 can make a major difference. CarChat24 live chat software and chat support services on a dealership website includes several factors that boost sold unit counts more than any other chat provider by converting more website visitors into qualified sales leads. Those factors include:

  • Customer-facing icons and chat interface
  • Operator console with key tools to generate leads
  • Server protocol and technology that speeds reliable chat signals
  • Highly-trained operators
  • Processes and pre-written chat responses that generate quality leads
  • Continuous development to build the next generation of chat software and services
  • Near-instant customer service for dealer inquiries
  • Video Chat!

With a full-time development team dedicated to create the next generation of chat products, CarChat24 has a robust response to changes in digital marketing for auto dealers, including SignalR technology that maximizes chat reliability on mobile devices. A new Facebook Messenger connector, interactive pop-up chat window that mimics a social media chat box, and upgraded mobile chat apps for iOS and Android set to be released soon.

With all the investment dealers put into website branding, SEO, and SEM to drive traffic to their website, doesn’t it make sense to make every effort to capture lead information for visitors? Of course it does! That’s why dealers across North America trust CarChat24 to connect with their internet shoppers around the clock.


CarChat24 has been the industry leader in live chat for car dealerships since 2007.
Let us show you how the best live chat system for automotive dealers can help your dealership.

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